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Travis is our son, brother, and grandson. Travis was a Lance Corporal serving in the Mideast Theater in Iraq with the United States Marines. On March 26, 2008 Travis was taken away from us while serving in Iraq. A day our world turned upside down and never has turned upside right again.

Travis loved the cartoon “He-Man” so much he wanted to name his little brother He-man when he was born. Travis has a brother and sister and although he would pick on his sister Susan like all brothers do they, became best of friends. They did things together, confined in each other, and valued each other’s opinion.

I think Travis not only was a big brother, to his brother Kevin, but felt like he had to be a dad too. Yes, he would pick on him like a brother, but was always looking out for him too. You didn’t want to mess with Travis’s brother or sister.

Travis loved to golf with his friends and brother and dad. He was so proud of the set of clubs he brought on the base because he got such a good deal. When he would come home on leave, he would call his dad and say make tee time for us. Travis loved to have fun and life isn’t much fun without him.

We all miss you and love you Travis!
And you are always in our hearts forever son and we will be together again.

Love You

Mom, Dad, Kevin, Susan