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images/tit_barourteam.jpg  William H. Fyler
  Executive Director

  Bills day to day responsibilities are direct our team overseeing the overall direction
  of; Establishing, implementing and evaluating goals and
  objectives for Safehavenforwidowed making sure they that meet and promote the
  standards of quality for all members new and old:

  He became involved in his profession as a result of a personal experience.
  He attributes his success to his own personal experience in losing his own wife,
  uncles, mother, and many friends at such a young age’s and his drive and passion
  to help others that need help dealing with loss on the journey of grief so they don’t have to be alone
  by designing this site on the web and dedicated in memory of his wife Terri L. Fyler.

  Giving 24/7 support to all those without discrimination, judgment, on a safe secured website.
  With those who do understand and are traveling this path too so no one is alone.
images/tit_barourteam.jpg  Tracy Crain
  Tracy’s is the Executive Director's right-hand person, taking responsibility for a
  number of important practicalities so that the Executive Director is free to
  concentrate on the day to day operations.

  Handling a wide variety of responsibilities, including managing the staff, interacting
  with members and staff members. Making herself readily available to listen to their
  comments and concerns, plus addressing them with other team members, plus
  keeping them informed on new developments.
  Ensuring the staff meets program operational goals; Identifying as well as
  evaluating and proposes solutions to areas that need special attention.

  Communicating directly with the Executive Director, Sponsor’s and Staff to develop and implement
  ongoing evaluation needs in the community; Compile monthly data and provide reports as needed to
  the Executive Director. Tracy is the backbone of Safehaven for widowed; and our gatekeeper, she
  knows all that goes on here at Safehaven for widowed.

  Tracy joined on January 10th, 2010, going through her own grief losing her
  husband James on June 15th, 2007. In 2011 Tracy became a volunteer room moderator supporting
  others on this long road so they are not alone, in 2012 she joined the administration here as our
  Assistant Director under Bill and continued to moderate the chat rooms and give support to members
  and others. On October 21st, 2013 she was faced with the loss her sister Karen and only sibling this
  devastated Tracy.

  Tracy today is now raising her niece Kathryn, who  is 13 years old.

  On January 21  St, 2016 she was promoted to Director of

images/tit_barourteam.jpg  Paul Dunphy
  Assistant Director
  Paul is the director's right-hand person his primary responsibility is to support the
  director in matters of communication and providing reports as needed to the
  director. Managing the aspect of a potential crisis situation along with the director.

  He helps coordinate activities for the organization,is forum administrator, web blog
  coordinator,update’s and maintains the forum, helps prepare reports, presentations,
  and correspondence manages the chat rooms as well as social media locations.

  Paul joined on December 3rd, 2010, going through his
  own grief, fog and shock losing his beautiful young wife and his 12 yr old son in an
  automobile accident on September 2nd, 2010. Looking for an escape route from this awful
  heartbreaking pain and dream, hoping it was only a dream. Only to find a community that totally
  understood what it is about that took him under their wings and supported him non-discriminating,
  non-judgmental, not telling him how heshould feel or any of that or how to grieve, but to give support,
  love, understanding no matter what time of day it was if Paul needed someone there was someone
  there a member or staff who understood.

  Paul is another sign showing that yes, there is hope no life has changed, we have changed, it is not the
  same it doesn't end. In 2012 Paul asked to become a room moderator he wanted to pay back those that
  helped him. In 2013 we asked Paul to join the administration as an administrator to help with the forum
  and light duties.

  Paul is a member of the Administration Team.

 Robert Greenfield
  Public Relations Administrator

robertsaboutus.jpg   Robert is the Public Relations Administrator a major asset to our organization, we
  don’t get to see much of him often he has been behind the scenes with coffee
  overseeing and managing: the development and execution of all the areas to
  increase the access to these initiatives include professional and community support
  to all widowed and non-widowed, here at

  Is responsible for handling all aspects of planned publicity campaigns and PR
  activities during the period of a crisis. Maintaining and making sure that our risk
  assessment and crisis management plan's are in place and our reputation is
  maintained. Writing and producing presentations and press releases, dealing with
  inquiries from the public, the press. Researching, writing and distributing press releases to targeted

  Designing, writing and/or producing presentations, articles, ‘in-house' journals, reports, information for
  websites and videos. Maintaining and updating information on the organization’s website. Organizing
  events such as meet and greets, and visits.Managing the aspect of a potential crisis situation along with
  the director.

  Also, helps coordinate projects and conducts research as directed by the Director.Also advising the
  Director on communication issues and strategies.

  Robert is a member of the Administration Team.

 Rachel Crammer
  Rachel administer for our new Blog online also moderator some of her many duties
  are recruiting moderators and scheduling, supporting our volunteer moderators once
  they've assumed their new roles. Communicating frequently with them, recognize and
  reward their contributions and give them some time off occasionally so they don't get
  burned out.

  Also, helps coordinate projects and conducts research providing required input to monthly Haven   newsletter as directed by the Director.

  Rachel is a member of the Administration Team.

 Tony Serannio

tonyourteam.jpg   Tony, administrator joined Safehaven for Widowed in January 2010; he was the
  Administrator for the Safehavenforwidowed bereavement support group on Yahoo
  2010 to 2013 until closing. Also a moderated here in our Widowed and non-widowed
  chat room. Some of his duties and responsibilities are:

  Working with assisting Paul Greenfield (Public Relations Administrator) also with
  Rachel Crammer (Administrator) assisting in recruiting, training and managing our
  volunteers helping them and supporting them and also our other locations.

  Having frequent contact with volunteer staff and the members, organizing meetings, liaising with   relevant organizations, plus moderating the chat rooms.

  Tony is another great asset to our organization and to all members. He can make some members
  frowns turn upside right into a smile they say.

  Tony is a member of the Administration Team.

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