Healing Pray Dana Laplante 11/12/2014

Lighting a candle in memory of your loved one is a great way of commemorating his or her soul, shines out light out to them, and warms you near.
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Healing Pray Dana Laplante 11/12/2014

Postby Tracy » November 12th, 2014, 6:32 pm

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Dear Lord,

You know Dana so much better than we all do. You know his injuries better
and the burden he carries and his family carries. You also know his heart. Lord,
we ask you to be with Dana now as you work in his life.
Lord, let your will be done in Dana's life.

Lord, we pray for Dana just as your word tells me to pray, for healing. We believe
you hear this earnest prayer from our hearts and that it is powerful because of your
promise. We have faith in you,
Lord, to heal Dana, but we also trust in the plan you have for his life.

Lord, we don't always understand your ways. We don't know why Dana has to suffer,
but we trust you. We ask that you look with mercy and grace toward Dana and make him
better and well again and comfort and hold his lovely wife Linda and family in your arms
too. Nourish his spirit and soul in this time of suffering and comfort him with your presence.
Let Dana know you are there with him through this difficulty.

Give him the strength. And may you, through this difficulty, be glorified in his life and also
his families and all of ours.

In Jesus name we pray.

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Re: Healing Pray Dana Laplante 11/12/2014

Postby lindana » November 15th, 2014, 3:05 am

thank you my safehaven family... I am posting updates on facebook, user name Linda La. Please keep the prayers coming. we need them, and feel them. I see the friend requests, pm's and prayers posted there. I try to reply to them, but only so much time but I do so appreciate them all. and Please also remember Donut day nov. 29th.. the celebration of his life must still go on! maybe even more so now. I know Al is watching over his dad so lets give our angel the extra boost of energy he may need to help send his dad back to me.

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Re: Healing Pray Dana Laplante 11/12/2014

Postby Kristina » November 15th, 2014, 1:46 pm

We are all praying and sending positive thoughts, Linda. We love you....and the donuts (and Skittles!) will be flowing November 29th. Big, big hugs {(((((((Linda)))))))). Love you!

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