Chief Anthony Richard Pagliocca 10/4/1961 - 5/22/2014

Lighting a candle in memory of your loved one is a great way of commemorating his or her soul, shines out light out to them, and warms you near.
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Chief Anthony Richard Pagliocca 10/4/1961 - 5/22/2014

Postby Sue » May 30th, 2014, 2:52 am

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In Memory of Chief Anthony Richard Pagliocca our friend whom was called home 5/22/2014
gone to soon and never forgotten.

When you remember me

If I am ever called to leave you, unexpectedly
Please take from me these parting thoughts to frame my legacy

When you remember me tomorrow, I pray you'll recall
A happy soul, who loved his family, loved his work as well

Please recollect a man who loved the chance to lend a hand
To save a life or property from some untimely end

Someone who heard the public call to safeguard streets and homes
Deliver breath to silent lungs to quench the hostile flames

But when you ponder how I came to make my final stand
Don't make me more than what I am - a decent caring man

Don't make me more in death than I, in life have ever been
Remember simply, one who served his god and fellow men

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