Mothers day/Fathers day...

Coping with a Holiday
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Mothers day/Fathers day...

Postby lindana » May 8th, 2014, 6:50 pm

Mothers day / Fathers day...
days I had never thought about much.... We never made a big deal of them. We would get together with my mom and dad, have a cookout, play cards....
But I am a childless mother... my husband a childless father....
The pain of the day cuts deep... all the ads for the perfect mothers day gift...
even tho all we ever did was the crafty things Al would do at school, and those were years ago... to see all the things, the plans families make....
for those of us that have lost a child these days can hurt deeply... but, it is not just that. For some it is a double edged sword, they may have lost a child and a parent/s.
So these holidays, that for some have always been big deals, and for those that never made a big deal of them, can hurt so much.
so for all of you that have lost a child, lost a parent, or lost each... (((hugs)))
may you find a way to get through these holidays. may your memories give you strength. and may others around you understand these days are hard.

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Re: Mothers day/Fathers day...

Postby Julie » May 12th, 2014, 11:30 am


I couldn't have said this any better. We lost our son Travis March 26, 2006 in Iraq he was 24 at the time. I totally understand you and your husband’s both feelings deeply. We will always be a Mother and a Father now to a Special Angel's.


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