"Just" a friend

The death of a close friend may be considered by others as less significant than that of a family member, and bereaved friends may feel completely left out of the grieving process, as if they don’t have a legitimate right to grieve, or permission to mourn their loss. Yet for many of us, “ friend grief” can be more painful and troubling than the death of a relative.
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"Just" a friend

Postby Kristina » December 17th, 2013, 1:32 pm

One of the hardest things about my losses is that no one in my "real" world seems to understand or accept that I could be in such pain when my losses were "just" friends. I am a single woman--not by choice but because, for whatever reason, I have never found that special person to marry--and my dream of always wanting to be a parent has not come true, mostly because I did not marry but also because I have a disorder that causes infertility.

So, my friends have been my confidants, my lifelines, those that I share my life and my soul with. Why is it so hard to believe that their deaths would be so difficult?

No person is a "just", anyway. We love and are loved. And anyone that we share that with is important and valuable.

My heart is broken. And, I am so grateful that SafeHaven is a place that knows these precious people were not "justs".

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Re: "Just" a friend

Postby lindana » December 17th, 2013, 1:51 pm

So very true....there is no such thing as "just a"....All loss hurts, All Love is Love, and we miss them all so very much.

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