read a book written by one of our own!!

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read a book written by one of our own!!

Postby lindana » June 23rd, 2015, 7:43 pm

One of our family has been writing for the past few years and is now trying to make it as an author!
Her books are great. I have been blessed to read them all.
first in a series is titled Muffled Sounds and she is willing to give a free ebook if you message her at.... Jewel House Gossip on face book
or JEWELHOUSEGOSSIP.COM the web site she has set up.
check out video ads for the book and read sneak peaks of the books she has written. Lets support one of our own!

This book is great! FREE EBOOK if the free ebook time limit is up, give it a try anyway, I think I may have some pull with the author, message her at Jewel House Gossip tell her Lindana sent you

Jewel House Gossip
News, scoops and insights on the Dr A series.

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Re: read a book written by one of our own!!

Postby Tracy » January 29th, 2016, 12:15 am

Dear Linda

How have you been sorry I have been away finally coming back to NJ the 26th of next month. Been in Texas on a job assignment here for 6 months be so glad really to get back. Thank you for sharing this I will contact her about the book also. If it is still available might be something also might want to place in the February Newsletter for her also.

Love you and Miss You


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