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Safe Haven for Widowed was founded and developed by Bill Fyler on November 19, 2009 in remembrance of his wife, Terri L. Fyler, who passed away on December 26, 2008.

When someone dies close to us whether it is our Child, Spouse, Partner, Parent, Family Member or a Friend, our world turns upside down. Waves of emotion including sadness, loneliness, anger, yearning, and shock surge through us. Tasks that need to be accomplished feel insurmountable. We become exhausted at times and restless at others. We experience a sense of disbelief and ask ourselves,  “How can this be real?”

Grief is challenging and takes many forms. It can be overwhelming physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Perhaps you are sleeping more than usual or find that you are unable to fall or stay asleep. You notice changes in your appetite. Along with a rollercoaster of emotions, thoughts and memories are unexpectedly triggered. Spiritual questions may arise.

Bill wanted those who have suffered the loss of a loved one to receive support and know that they do not have to travel this road alone.  That there are others that understand and are ready to help navigate this road they find themselves on. As they move along their journey towards hope and healing, being with others who are experiencing what they are provides comfort and support. offers over a dozen “of” grief chatrooms so that you can connect with others that are experiencing a loss similar to your own.  Safehavenforwidowed chat rooms allow you to connect with other members who are also grieving the loss of a loved one and give you the opportunity to share your feelings, thoughts and stories in a safe, confidential, private, secured ”environment”, loving environment, where everyone understands.

Safehavenforwidowed grief chat rooms give you the opportunity to give and receive grief support from other members who have also experienced the loss of a loved one.  By sharing your story with other members and supporting those you form online relationships with, you can begin to work through your grief and find hope in the journeys of others.

Our grief chat room topics include:

  • General Chat Room All Losses All types 18 an over
  • Youth Grief Chat Room for our younger people who have experienced loss.
    This room is open to anyone 12 years of age and younger.
  • Teen Grief Chat Room 13 thru 17 who have experienced loss.
    This room is open to anyone 13 years of age to 17 years of age
  • Young Adults ages 40 and under Experienced the death of a partner or spouse
  • Middle Age Adults Middle Age Adults Experienced the death of a partner or spouse
  • Later Life Widows and Widowers Late Life Adults Experienced the death of a partner or spouse
  • Loss of a Child Parents who have experienced the death of a son or daughter
  • Infant loss Loss of a infant in death (Still Births, Miscarriages, SID’S)
  • Loss of a Boyfriend or Girlfriend Experienced the death of Boyfriend or Girlfriend
  • Loss of Parent Adults who have experienced the death of a mother or father
  • Loss of a Fiancée or Fiancé Experienced the death of Fiancée or Fiancé
  • Parent or Guardians with Children Who are Raising Children after the death of a parent or parents
  • Loss of Grandparents Experienced the death of Grand Parents
  • General Grief Adults Experienced the death of a close friend or relative
  • Survivors of Suicide Those who have losted a loved one to suicide
  • Adults Grieving the Death of a Sibling Experienced the death of a brother or sister
  • Grief and War Cope with Loss Resulting from War or Terrorism
  • LGBT Grief LGBT who have lost a partner to death. LGBT are also welcome in our other chat rooms
  • Care giving and Grieving Chat room for caregivers coping with grief & loss
  • Christian grief chat room Christian or non Christian who have experienced the death of a loved one.
                                                All religions

Our rooms are monitored periodically by our administrative staff and moderators. All of them have also experienced loss and are going through the journey. We are all here for you 24 hours a day, seven days week, 365 days a year.

We also have a Forum and Bulletin Board with many topics where you can post memorials, prayer requests, and expressions of love and honor for your loved ones or read information and resources on grief and related topics. Plus many other resources, article's, monthly newsletter, that will help you on your journey. You’re not alone.

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