Offering support to all that have lost a loved one from the comfort and privacy in their own home online.
Since 2009 worldwide.

      SafeHavenforWidowed was founded and developed by Bill Fyler on
      November 19, 2009, dedicated and remembrance of his wife,
      Terri L. Fyler, who passed away on December 26, 2008. Bill wanted
      a Safehaven to bring everyone together all those who have suffered
      a loss related to death and significant life changes.

      Connecting with others who have also lost a loved one additionally
      grieving and giving them the opportunity to proportion their grief with
      others who can relate to what they are feeling and understand with
      others who are at the identical journey where everyone understands
      in a loving and caring environment worldwide.

       Offering “of” grief chat rooms, giving all the opportunity to give and
      receive grief support from other peer’s in the widowed and
      non-widowed community who have also experienced the loss of a
      loved one.

       By sharing their own feelings, thoughts and stories, so they are not
      alone. By sharing their story with other members and supporting those,
      they form online relationships with; they can begin to work through
      their own grief and find hope in the journey and through others.
      As well as not being alone.

      Also offering "Forum, Blog, Articles, Resources, and Monthly
      Newsletter, etc."giving support to the entire widowed and non-
      widowed community worldwide online 24/7 365 days a year.
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