Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How Do I Register As A Member?
  2. Getting Started - Logging In?
  3. I forgot my password for chatrooms
  4. How do I fill out my user profile?
  5. What are the commands that I can use in the chatroom?
  6. What is the What is the Online List?

    User Control Panel Frequent Asked Questions

  7. What is the user CP Panel?
  8. User CP - Settings
  9. User CP Status
  10. User CP - Block List
  11. User CP - Offline Messages
  12. User CP - Word Filter
  13. What are Moderator's and Administor?
  14. What are Room Logs and who has access to them?
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  1. How Do I Register As A Member

    To register a new Account click on the Register button on the chat page.
    You will be required to enter a username, password and valid E-Mail address.
    After your account has been created you will be able to login using your new username and password.

    Please enter your username
    and password to login
    [Send Password]

    Fill out this form to register, all fields are required.
    Retype Password:

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  2. Getting Started - Logging In

    If you already have registered an Account you can login by entering your username and password into the chat login page.

    Please enter your username
    and password to login
    [Send Password]

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  3. I forgot my password for chatrooms

    If you forget your password you can have us send you a new one.
    Click on the Send Password link on the login page and then enter your E-Mail address or Username.
    A new password will be sent to your E-Mail address

    Please enter your username
    and password to login
    [Send Password]

    Send Password
    Enter your Username or E-Mail address
    to receive a new password.
    The new password will be emailed to the
    E-Mail address we have on file.
    E-Mail   Send Password

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  4. How do I fill out my user profile

    You must enter a valid E-Mail address in order to edit your profile.
    The information you put into your profile will be available for everyone to see,
    with the exception of your password and your E-Mail address if you check the Hide E-Mail box on the settings page

    How to complete user profile.jpg

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  5. What are the commands that I can use in the chatroom:

    To use a command, you need to type a '/', followed by the command name, and then any arguments (separated by spaces), into the chat box. After that, click Send to run the command. A typical command will look like this: '/command name argument_1 argument_2'.

    The commands are displayed along with their arguments, arguments in brackets are option.

    /away - Sets your status to 'away'
    This command will change your current status to 'away'.
    Users who click on your name will see this status in your Mini-Profile.

    /back - Sets your status to 'Available'
    This command will change your current status to 'away'.
    Users who click on your name will see this status in your Mini-Profile.

    /ignore username - Blocks all messages from this user
    This will add a user to your block/ignore list.
    All messages from the user will be blocked and not displayed on the screen.

    /msg username - Opens a private message window with the user
    This will give you a link to open a new private message conversation with the user.

    /names - Lists names of people in the chat room with you
    This will display a list of the users currently in chat with you.
    Invisible users are not shown unless you have permission to see invisible users.

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  6. What is the Online List

    The online list is located to the right of the main chat window. It displays the names of all the people who are currently in chat with you. Below the online list is a section with two tabs, one
    for Profile and one for Actions
    . Clicking on a username in the online list will update the Profile
    and Action Tabs and allow you to use them on that user.

    Profile Tab

    Profile Action
    Full Profile
    Private Chat
    Send Mail

    The profile tab displays some quick information about the user and gives you several ways to contact them or read more about them. After clicking on a username on the Online list, the profile tab will display the words 'Updating ...' for several seconds while it loads information from the database.
    Afterwords, the user's username, group and current status will be displayed.

    Below the mini-profile information are three buttons.

    The first button, Full Profile:
    Will open up a page that contains the user's complete profile with
    all the information they have chosen to make available.

    The next button is the Private Chat button:
    Which will open a private chat window between you and that user.

    The third button is the Send Mail button:
    This button allows you to send the user an offline message.

    Action Tab

    Profile Action

    The Actions Tab allows you do to certain things to the user who's name is currently displayed in the profile tab. Usually this is also the name that is selected in the online list.

    The options that appear under this menu will change depending on what permissions you have and what abilities the selected user has.

    You will always be given the option to Ignore/Unignore a user.
    In addition, you might be given options to Op/Deop, View Ip, Kick, Give/Take voice, and Mute/Unmute.

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  7. User CP Panel:

    In the User Control Panel you can manage all aspects of your account.
    You can access the user control panel by clicking the User CP button at the top of a chat window.

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  8. User CP - Settings:

    This page allows you to configure certain things about the chat room.

    Login Time
    This option allows you to specify how long you want to stay logged in on that computer even after you leave the chat room.
    Login Time (Hours):

    Refresh Rate
    This option tells chat how often you would like the chat room to connect to the server and download new messages.
    Refresh Rate (Seconds):

    Time Offset
    The time offset fields allow you to adjust the server time so that it appears as local time.
    You may adjust the offset in hours and minutes so that the timestamps on messages will appear as local time instead of server time. Enter a number to add to the time, and enter a - sign and then a number to subtract from the time.
    Time Offset (Hours):

    This allows you to choose the language that you will view chat in. All available languages are listed.
    The website does not translate the files and is not responsible for any mistranslations.
    Languages will be loaded only after you login.

    This allows you to choose the way the chat room looks.
    All of the available skins are listed and you may choose the one you like best.
    Skins will be loaded only after you login.

    Disable Styles/Smiles/Sounds/Timestamps
    These options allow you to disable some features of the chat room such as message styles, similes, sounds and timestamps.
    If you disable styles all message will appear in the system default style.

    Hide E-Mail
    Checking this option will hide your E-Mail address from regular users.
    Administrators and others with proper permissions will still be able to view your E-Mail Address.

    To hide your Email goto: User Control Panel then to settings, click on settings.
    Then go to Hide E-Mail and place a check mark in the box.
    When done click change on the bottom and done.

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  9. User CP Status

    The status panel allows you to change your current chat room status.
    Users will see your status when they click on your name in the Online List.
    You may choose to use a predefined status message or enter a custom one.
    There is a length limit on status messages.  Max Letters (19)


    Your status has been changed to: Available

     Max Letters (19)

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  10. User CP - Block List:

    The block list allows you to ignore other users. Any messages sent from a user on the block list will not be displayed on the screen. You may remove a user by clicking on their username, and you may add a user by entering their username into the box and clicking [Add]. In a chat room you may ignore someone by clicking on their name in the online list, selecting the Action Tab and clicking the Ignore button, and unignore them by doing the same thing except clicking the Unignore button instead.

    Block List
    The following users have been ignored, click on one to unblock them.

    Ignore User  

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  11. User CP - Offline Messages:

    The offline message center provides a very simple offline message utility.
    This allows you to send messages to someone even when they are not logged in.

    Offline Messages
    Below are all the messages you have recieved
    You are using 0% of your inbox space. You have room for 60 more messages.
    Send to:

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  12. User CP - Word Filter:

    The word filter allows you to filter certain words out of messages. You may enter the word you wish to filter into the Text box and then into the Replacement box put the text that you wish to use to replace the bad word. You may unfilter a word by clicking on it. Words filtered at the user level will only be filtered on your screen.

    Word Filter
    The following words are filtered, click on one to remove it.

    Filtered Word


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  13. What are Moderator and Administor:

    A Moderator or Administor is the person who controls a chat room and maintains peace throughout our community.
    They have the ability to ban, kick, mute, change settings and do other tasks related to running the chat room plus running the website.

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  14. What are Room Logs and who has access to them:

    From time to time we are asked about what happens to the room logs and why we have them.
    These logs are taken daily and achieved into storage and are only accessible by our director, assistant director or law enforcement, by court order with a subpoenas in accordance to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 U.S.C. 2701, et seq. ("ECPA")

    (f) Requirement To Preserve Evidence.

    (1) In general. A provider of wire or electronic communication services or a remote computing service, upon the request of a governmental entity, shall take all necessary steps to preserve records and other evidence in its possession pending the issuance of a court order or other process.

    (2) Period of retention. Records referred to in paragraph

    (1) shall be retained for a period of 90 days, which shall be extended for an additional 90-day period upon a renewed request by the governmental entity.

    If does not receive formal legal process for the preserved information before the end of the preservation period, the preserved information will be deleted\purged when the preservation period expires.

    These logs are for your protection from abuse also helps us to see if there has been any issue in the rooms with technical issues if we need to look back to see. But again can only be viewed upon by our Director, Assistant Director and Law Enforcement.

    These logs are not public or for moderators or others to view and your privacy and your security is our major concern while you are on this site.

    Hopefully this explains the logs and why they are activated any further questions please contact us at

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